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Email Administration (part 2)

Managing your mailboxes


Once you have entered the mailbox management area of your postoffice, you should see a screen similar to this one:

Mailbox List

Currently there is only one mailbox (postmaster's) defined in the system.  You will see additional ones as you add new mailboxes.

Simply click the next button to begin defining a new mailbox:

New Mailbox

Here you will define the parameters of your new mailbox:

Login The mailbox name as you wish it to become part of this person's e-mail.  For example "tjones" if you wish to create a new e-mail address called tjones@youdomain.com.  This will become the user's login name as well for their e-mail interface.
Password The password you wish to associate with this mailbox, used when accessing the mailbox from within the web interface or mail reader.
Rights Typically your users will only need access to their own mail interface.  Howerver, if you wish to share your administration responsibilities, you may define an additional administrator by setting this to ADMIN.
Status Each maiblox should be enabled (checked) unless you wish to stop receiving mail for a particular address without deleting the mailbox itself.
Display Name This is an english (friendly) name that will appear in place of the user's e-mail address when sending mail to other people through the web interface.  You would usually enter the person's full name here.
Entry Type Read the drop-down
Create Mailbox You would normally have this checked unless you are creating an "alias" mailbox that will actually simply forward the mail to another address.
Quota The maximum size the mailbox is allowed to grow to before rejecting e-mail.  This quota effects your post office's main quota as well.
Redirect Mail To If you wish to have the e-mail sent to another location or e-mail address, enter the e-mail address here.

After entering all this information press Next to select which domains to assign to this e-mail address.  Then press Finish and the new mailbox will be created.

Do this for all the mailboxes you wish to create.

There are many other features that you can configure on this interface that are beyond the scope of this document to describe.  Feel free to browse around and experiment!  Some features you will not be able to modify due to limitations on your account.

If you have any questions or comments about this document, contact support@adconn.com .

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